Support and grants for touring

  • We enable artists and companies from Brittany to build and fit into national and international touring networks.
  • We contribute to formal qualification for professionals, disseminate art news, provide legal and technical advice, mindful of the social regulations operative in France.
  • We fund touring. Our support is intended to share the financial risk incurred by a show or a concert that meets high artistic standards, that has overall development potentialities and that aims national and international networks. This expertise is the result of a collective decision.



 Interregional, European & International cooperation

Cooperation platforms on an interregional, European and international level, are key elements of the development of artistic companies.
This is why we have developped a specific partnership with ONDA (French office for contemporary performing arts circulation) and 4 other Regional Agencies for performing arts.
We create international opportunities for artistic companies, develop cooperations’ and regularly invest in major events and professional markets, like Womex and Tanzmesse.

We work closely with the French Institute and the French Bureauexport.
We are an IETM member (International network for contemporary performing arts).

Our partnership with the Relais Culture Europe (French Creative Europe Office) helps us to promote awareness on political issues at stake on the European level and their impact on the performing arts sector and European funds.

Innovative governance models & practices

As a contribution to the French cultural public policies, we implement innovative governance models in which the widest participation is a requirement. Two committees facilitate this dynamic exchange of information and know-how:

  • Grants Commission; in charge of awarding touring funds
  • Steering Committee; oversees our activity in order to make recommendations.

Both groups are composed in majority of performing arts professionals.
Furthermore, we link up with other sectors of activity, in particular from the private sector, as part of its forward-thinking stance as regards the future of the performing arts sector.
Lastly, we are an active « EPCC– Public Establishment for Cultural Cooperation » committee member. A major player in new cultural public policy thinking, at a time when this special legal status opens up new possibilities in France.


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